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The Central Civil Status Office  which is the Head office is located at the 7th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis. It deals with the administration and control of all civil status offices throughout the island.

Sub Offices

Thirty-three Civil Status Sub-Offices are functioning in various localities across the island of Mauritius.
Civil status events occurring in other parts of the Republic of Mauritius are registered in offices located at

(i) Port Mathurin and La Ferme (Rodrigues)

(ii) Ste. Rita (Agalega)

(iii)Petite Raphael (St.Brandon)​

​Distr​ict of Port-Louis​​​​

​Civil Status Office 
​​Tel Number
​​​Head Office
Office of the Registrar of Civil Status
7th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis
​201 1727

Deputy Registrar of Civil Status​ 201 1725
Publication of Proposed Civil Marriage
201 12222

Application for Civil Status Documents
201 2803

Birth & Death Registration
201 3118

201 3203

Certificat de coutume et de célibat
201 1209

​201 2279​​
201 2313
​Civil Status Office [Sub Office]
​Ground Floor, Florian View ​Appartment, Wellington Street, Port Louis
​210 2322
​Mauritius National Identity Card Unit
​​Ground Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building,Port Louis
​​207 5300
207 5301
207 5302
District of Pampl​​emousses
​Civil Status Office
​Tel Number

​Post Office Building, Pamplemousses​
​243 3577
243 8928
​Plaine Des Papayes

​Royal Road Plaine des Papayes
​266 9851
​​Terre Rouge
​Royal Road, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge
​248 7012
​1st Floor, NPF Building, Trois Boutiques, Triolet
District of Riviere du Rempart
​Civil Status Office
​Tel Number
​1st Floor NPF Building, Royal Road, Goodlands
​283 1501
​Grand Gaube
​1st Floor, NPF, Grand Gau​be
​288 7835
Grand Bay
​La Croisette , Grand Bay
​269 6265​
​Rivière du Rempart
​Royal Road, Rivière du Rempart
​412 8393
​1st Floor, NPF Building, Royal Road, Piton
​264 8605
District of Flacq
​​Civil Status Office
​Address​Tel Number
​​Central Flacq
​Dhowtal Building, La Source, Central Flacq

​413 2126 
413 1427
​Lallmatie/Brisée Verdière
​NPF Building, Royal Road, Lallmatie
​418 4421
​Bel Air Riviere Sèche
​Royal Road, Bel Air Riviere Sèche
​419 6762
​Trou D’Eau Douce
​Choytoa Building, Trou D’EauDouce
​480 2128
District of Moka

Civil Status Office
​Address​Tel Number
​One Way Street, Saint Pierre
​433 2360 
433 0863
​Quartier Militaire
​Royal Road, Next to SBM, Quartier Militaire
​435 6143
District of Plaine Wilhems
​Civil Status Office
​Tel Number
​Beau Bassin
​1st Flr , NPF Building, Royal Road, Beau Bassin​454 6931
​7, Teste De Buche, Curepipe 
​689 0563
​Mohess Building, Opposite Tamil Temple, School Lane, Phoenix
​686 4199
​Quatre Bornes
​Royal Road, Quatre Bornes, (near Guy Rozemont Stadium)
​425 7580 
427 0846
427 0852

​2nd Floor, NPF Building, Moka Road, Rose Hill
​464 3312 
464 6623

​2nd Floor, New Municipal Complex, Vacoas
​686 9448
District of Black River
​Civil Status Office
​Tel Number
​Royal Road, Near State Bank, Bambous​452 0877
​Case Noyale
​Royal Road, Case Noyale​451 5334
​Petite Rivière
(Tuesday, Thursday)
​Platform, La Fourche lane, Petite Rivière​233 7653
District of Grand Port
​​Civil Status Office
​ ​Address​Tel Number
​2nd Floor, NPF Building, La Passe Street, Mahebourg
​631 1486  
631 2244
​Plaine Magnien
​1st Flr, NPF Building, Rishi Dayanand Road, Plaine Magnien​637 4034
​ Rose Belle
​Madame Lolo Street, Rose Belle​627 8232
​​District of Savanne
​Civil Status Office
​Address​Tel Number
​Chemin Grenier

​Impasse Mungroo, Chemin Grenier
​622 2388
​Grand Bois
​Royal Road, Grand Bois​617 9362
​Riv. Des Anguilles
​Monciné Rd, Rivière des Anguilles​626 5544
​ Royal Road, Souillac​625 5596
625 6165
​Civil Status Office
​Tel Number
​Rodrigues Island
Port Mathurin
​La Ferme
​831 2970
831 7249
​​Agalega Island
​​Agalega​Fax No:
686 4746
686 1033​