​​​Marriage of two Non Citizens​

Application for a certificate of non-citizen/non-resident should reach the Central Civil Status Office, 7th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis at least one month before the intended date of marriage.
The civil marriage may be celebrated after one day of publication.
On their arrival in Mauritius the parties should call  on the Registrar of Civil Status, Central Civil Status Office for verification of original documents.

Documents to be forwarded

(i)   Two photocopies of each birth certificate drawn up in English/French. The date of issue of the birth certificate must not be more than 3 months.

(ii)  Two photocopies of each passport (the 1st three pages only).

(iii)  Relevant documents in respect of divorce, widow/widower or change of name.

(iv) In addition to above documents, a French national should produce a "Certificat de capacité de mariage".

(v)  A certificate of non_citizen and non-resident is issued to the parties in Mauritius after verification of their documents whose date of issue shall not be more than 3 months.

(vi)  The marriage is celebrated in the office or in any private premises by the Civil Status Officer of the locality where the parties will reside after a publication of banns of 24 hours.

(vii)  However,where any party cannot produce any civil status document, he may instead produce an affidavit sworn in his country of residence or in such form as the Registrar of Civil Status may approve.

(viii)  As regards fees for wedding held in the office,no payment is required. If it is celebrated in the hotel or any private premises, a payment of Rs 5000- should be made at the Central Civil Status Office.
Two witnesses are required to be present at time of the marriage ceremony.​​