Civil Marriage
A publication of the proposed civil marriage should be made 10 days prior to the proposed date of marriage at the civil status office of the locality within the district where the marriage is to take place.
Two  witnesses  are  required to  be present at time of the marriage ceremony. 
Age of Marriage
The  age  at  which  a person  can  civilly  marry is 18 years. 

Matrimonial Regimes
There are 3 types of matrimonial regimes:-
1. The system of legal community of goods and property
2. The system of legal separation of goods
3. A marriage settlement embodied in a notarial deed
Documents to be produced
  •  Birth certificates issued within the last 3 months.
  •  Previous Marriage certificate(s) if divorced.
  •  Death/Marriage certificate(s) if widow/widower.
  •  National Identity Cards of all parties.​
Regime Notification

At  time of  celebration of a civil marriage, the parties shall inform the Civil Status Officer of the matrimonial regime they wish to be governed by, for insertion in the marriage entry.